Some selected publications:

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A Letter To My First Child (Brain, Child Magazine)

Sweet Child Of Mine (Brain, Child Magazine)

The Baseball Games I Never Thought I’d Miss (Brain, Child Magazine)

Sew The Labels (Brain, Child Magazine)

The Post Game Report (Brain, Child Magazine)

The Inevitability of Growing Up and Moving Out (The Washington Post)

Why I Won’t Be GPS Tracking My College Freshman (The Washington Post)

Back in the Saddle Again (Modern Loss)

When Tragedy Strikes (Role Reboot)

My Teenage Daughter Borrows My Clothes (Scary Mommy)

My Son’s Concussion, My Mommy Fail (Kveller)

Texting My Daughter Through The Dressing Room Door (NY Metro Parents)

Visiting My Son At Sleepaway Camp (NY Metro Parents)